The Universal Fitness Standard

What is
Global Fast Fit?

30 Push Ups - 30 Squats - 30 Plank Leg Lifts - 500 Meter Run

Global Fast Fit is the new universal fitness standard. Never before has there been a single score that represents an individual's overall fitness level.

There are many benchmarks, tests, and evaluations to determine fitness, but none that measure all core components of exercise and provide a single, measurable score.


P Murugan
3 min 39 sec
Hema Charan.k
2 min 35 sec
Sutinee Rasp
3 min 26 sec
Xu Lian
6 min 17 sec


Name Nationality Age Time Video Location of Performance Status Date of Performance
Hema Charan.k India 18 2:35 Srikalahasti , India Certified Jul 07, 2024
Deviprasad Sunny India 20 2:53 Srikalahasti , India Certified Jul 07, 2024
James Nganga Kenya 19 2:55 OL kalau Certified Jun 26, 2024
John Nderitu Kenya 24 3:00 Njoro Certified Jun 27, 2024
Moko Calvin Uganda 26 3:07 Kampala - Uganda Certified Jun 29, 2024
Liu YiChen China 32 3:09 Dongguan,China Certified Jun 28, 2024
Peerawat Visitwarodom Thailand 31 3:10 Bangkok, Thailand Certified Jun 13, 2024
Blossom Uganda 21 3:12 Kampala - Uganda Certified Jun 08, 2024
Hai Ze China 23 3:22 Foshan,China Certified Jun 07, 2024
Sutinee Rasp Thailand 49 3:26 Bangkok, Thailand Certified Jun 13, 2024
Aron Eritrea 29 3:37 Kampala - Uganda Certified Jun 08, 2024
Leung Chung Tiam Hong Kong 28 3:47 Dongguan,China Certified Jul 07, 2024
Alexander Indonesia 24 4:14 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jul 15, 2024
Gede Premaa Indonesia 17 4:26 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jul 14, 2024


Kabarak, Kenya
Kabarak, Kenya - Mar 2024

TPA SUWUNG Bali Indonesia - March 2024
TPA SUWUNG Bali Indonesia - March 2024 - Mar 2024

At this landfill in Bali about 400 people sift through garbage to find items that can be recycled. They typically make about $1 per day. This event gave people that don't normally get a chance to shine or be recognized a chance to win prizes, and many did, as well as receiving food and durable Global Fast Fit tee shirts. It was also a chance to record health data for people who live a very difficult life and compare that to those of us who are more fortunate.

WeFitness - Women-Only Event, Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia
WeFitness - Women-Only Event, Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia - Feb 2024

Global Fast Fit hosted its 2nd event in Indonesia. The event was held at the WeFitness facility in Kerobokan, Bali. We strive to encourage diversity, Global Fast Fit is for everyone, young, old, male, female. This event we focused on a female group and offered 2 levels of competition, Pro and Beginner. One of the participants is just 11 years old! We had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed the event. We look forward to hosting the next Global Fast Fit event near you!

Egerton University, Kenya
Egerton University, Kenya - Feb 2024

Global Fat Fit hosted its fourth event on February 3rd, 2024 at Egerton University in Nakuru Kenya. This is the second event hosted by our team in Kenya. This event was slightly modified: 30 push ups, 30 plank leg lifts, 30 squats, 450 meter run. We had a huge turnout! Women and men of all ages participated to get their Global Fast Fit score and competed for a spot on the podium!



Udon Thani, Thailand - Watcharaporn "Ple" Chamnankittisak

Phitsanulok, Thailand - Tipsarun "Pay" Choeimophakdee

Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand - Montri "Sam" Chongwarin

For Beginners

Global Fast Fit Beginner
Rachael Kurungi, 33

Rachael is an ex athlete who is now on her journey to get back in shape. She started the beginners program with injuries and is now is on the fast track to a healthy lifestyle.

Global Fast Fit Beginner
Maryanne Wampler, 40

Maryanne started the intermediate program with a head start. She is unable to do regular push ups but hopes that after this series of exercise she will find her new strength.


Get Involved

Global Fast Fit Beginner
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Interested in bringing Global Fast Fit to a location near you? We have held events in several countries and are always looking for new faces. Contact us today to see how you can get involved and host your own Global Fast Fit Event.

Global Fast Fit Beginner