25 M
Nakuru, Kenya
Global Fast Fit 2:55

I am Kairu and my Global Fast Fit score is 2:55.

My fitness journey started back in high school when I was diagnosed with asthma. Something in my head led me towards joining the rugby team to “toughen myself up”. Even though our high school team didn't amount to much, It provided me with a platform for physical activity. By the time I left high school, I was fitter and more confident and the respiratory symptoms had abated.

After leaving high school, I joined Egerton University where my involvement in rugby peaked. To play in this league one has to be in impeccable physical and mental shape. I had to join the college gym and have never looked back since then.

Unemployment hit hard after campus. In some instances, I was unable to afford gym fees. In spite of having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and history, I ended up working in a local flower farm as a flower breeder.

My fitness efforts finally paid off when Global Fast Fit held its first contest in Kenya at the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute. I set my 2:55 record in this event and remained the Global Fast Fit world champion for 67 days before being dethroned by the beast from the land of bullfighters- Maxwel Atems.

I am part of the push towards a fitter and healthier generation. Being part of a cause greater than myself gives me immense joy.


48 F
Udon Thani, Thailand
Global Fast Fit 4:00

Watcharaporn Chamnankittisak aka "Ple" lived what could be called a fairly conventional life – but her fitness level is extraordinary. Over a hundred women around the world have performed the global fast fit routine; Ple’s time is the fasted in the world at 4:23. At 48 Kgs, Ple is a typically tiny Thai woman, but she’s one of 3 women around the world we’ve found that can do 30 consecutive, legitimate pushups. In fact, she can do more pushups than most men twice her size.
48 years old, Ple has a husband and two children, and works as an accountant for a large real estate firm. Not exactly what you'd think of when considering that she's been on top of the women's Global Fast Fit leaderboards for several months.
She discovered her love of exercise almost by accident. She had an incredibly long commute to work. Sometimes when traffic was bad, it can take her up to two hours before reaching her office. "I'd leave home at 7am and manage to get to the office right at 9am."
When the traffic wasn't bad, Ple would end up finding herself at her office far too early with nothing to do. She would sleep in her car in order to pass the time. "I knew this wasn't going to work. I needed to find something productive to do."
Ple found a nearby gym and began exercising. It happened to be something she very much found to her liking. There were a few classes she tried. The bodyweight course made functional sense in order to build strength, while the body combat course was fun and engaging. The yoga class was perfect for decompressing. Soon it became routine.

"I noticed a change in my body.” As she stuck to the courses, her baby fat was soon replaced with lean muscle, and her waist became thinner. All of this while still maintaining the same weight. Even when the global pandemic struck, Ple managed to continue this routine by taking online classes so as not to lose momentum.

She likes a challenge and began taking on marathons and other public athletics events as well.

After three years of consistent exercise, and at the age of 48, Ple has achieved the heights of Global Fast Fit Women's Champion with a score of 4:23. The question begs to be asked, what's next for Ple in her mission of self-development and improvement?

"I'm getting a score below four minutes."

We have no doubt that she will.


-Ace Certified Trainer -USWL L1 trainer -CrossFit L1 trainer , 10+ years
27 M
Dongguan, China
Global Fast Fit 3:35

This is Charles and I’m from foshan, China. (The birthplace of Kung Fu), I’m passionate about fitness. I got into exercise because I love competition and I can build up a strong mindset out of it.

My favorite thing about exercise is get to know new friends who shares the same interests, stress relief and the feeling of getting better each day.

I have over 10years of experiences on exercising. I got into exercising in a very young age, I first studied kung fu when I was 5, then by the age of 10, I grew up playing tennis, Chinese traditional lion dancing, then I picked up powerlifting when I was studying aboard in the USA, and practice CrossFit and obstacle running in my 20s when I’m back in China.

I studied exercise science in college and I’m also a ACE certified personal trainer and a CrossFit Level 1 trainer.

I earned 2nd place in my age group in Asia in the 2019 Spartan race Asia championship, that earns me a spot qualifying for the Spartan race world championship that year but I didn’t go due to Covid, and I also made it in to the CrossFit sanctional competition in 2019.

I’m currently working as a fitness trainer in Dongguan, China. I organized functional fitness competition every year since 2021 and built up a solid base of fitness enthusiasts in my city.

My Global Fast Fit time was 3:35 and I’m looking for a sub 3:00 score in my next attempt. Using the Global Fast Fit routine as a benchmark helps me to train with a purpose, and I’m able to perform it anywhere in anytime. I highly recommend people to get involved in any age, everyone can do it, and the GFF routine is beneficial for everyone.