Become a Certified Trainer

Become a Certified Trainer


Join our team by becoming a Global Fast Fit certified trainer! We offer a comprehensive course that enables you to become proficient in the GFF Standard. With this certification you can help others achieve their fitness goal. GFF Cert allows you to record and submit scores for your clients or peers, host your own GFF events, and more!

This course is 100% free! We offer you full certification with personalized and direct assistance free of charge for anyone who wants to become involved.

Study our crash course


Study our crash course with our Global Fast Fit Guidelines Handbook where we cover all the topics you need to become a GFF certified trainer!

Q&A GFF Aptitude Test


Use your new found knowledge to pass our GFF Aptitude test. Questions and Answers based on our guideline handbook.

Demonstrate GFF Standard Proficiency


Demonstrate to us your proficiency and knowledge of the GFF Standard in a live or recorded setting, the last step to receiving your certification!

Study our crash course

Do you have what it takes to become a Global Fast Fit Certified Trainer? Of course, you do! Together we challenge ourselves, and together we grow.

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