Global Fast Fit’s Indonesian branch calls the island of Bali home.

Some of our first participants originated from this region and our very first Global Fast Fit live event took place here on December 20th, 2023. Bali continues to prove worthy by challenging themselves to the universal fitness standard. Participants of all ages and backgrounds have come together to compete against one another across multiple live events.

In addition, Global Fast Fit is proud to work with both schools and an orphanage, helping children start exercise early and learn about the path to a long healthy life.

As our Indonesian branch continues to grow, we encourage you to reach out to one of our trainers or ambassadors to learn more about how you can get involved with Global Fast Fit.
Name Nationality Age Time Video Location of Performance Status Date of Performance
Gede Kusuma Indonesia 23 M 3:07 Bali Certified Dec 17, 2023
Yulius Bayu Indonesia 22 M 3:21 Bali Certified Dec 17, 2023
I Nyoman Indonesia 17 M 3:23 Bali,indonesia Certified Apr 26, 2024
Gede Rama Indonesia 15 M 3:29 Bali Certified Dec 17, 2023
Made Satma Mahatma Indonesia 19 M 3:32 Bali Certified Dec 17, 2023
Komang Indonesia 19 M 3:41 Bali,indonesia Certified Apr 26, 2024
Riski Indonesia 17 M 3:54 Bali Certified Dec 17, 2023
Febri Felentiono Indonesia 19 M 3:56 Bali Certified Dec 17, 2023
Mandana Indonesia 16 M 3:58 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jul 19, 2024
Alexander Indonesia 24 M 4:14 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jul 15, 2024
Anto Jaya Indonesia 22 M 4:17 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jul 16, 2024
Irvan Indonesia 28 M 4:21 Bali Certified Dec 17, 2023
Rika Indonesia 15 M 4:22 Bali Certified Dec 17, 2023
Gede Premaa Indonesia 17 M 4:26 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jul 14, 2024
Timo Grace Indonesia 27 M 4:32 Bali, Indonesia Certified Apr 23, 2024
Sudibyo Indonesia 29 M 4:44 Bali Indonesia Certified Jun 05, 2024
Dul Indonesia 16 M 4:47 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jul 19, 2024
Wira Indonesia 17 M 4:51 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jun 22, 2024
Pajar Galang Indonesia 18 M 4:52 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jun 27, 2024
Bagus Komang Indonesia 17 M 5:01 Bali, Indonesia Certified Jun 22, 2024
Komang Agus Indonesia 19 M 5:01 bali indonesia Certified Apr 30, 2024

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TPA SUWUNG Bali Indonesia - March 2024
TPA SUWUNG Bali Indonesia - March 2024 - Mar 2024

At this landfill in Bali about 400 people sift through garbage to find items that can be recycled. They typically make about $1 per day. This event gave people that don't normally get a chance to shine or be recognized a chance to win prizes, and many did, as well as receiving food and durable Global Fast Fit tee shirts. It was also a chance to record health data for people who live a very difficult life and compare that to those of us who are more fortunate.

WeFitness - Women-Only Event, Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia
WeFitness - Women-Only Event, Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia - Feb 2024

Global Fast Fit hosted its 2nd event in Indonesia. The event was held at the WeFitness facility in Kerobokan, Bali. We strive to encourage diversity, Global Fast Fit is for everyone, young, old, male, female. This event we focused on a female group and offered 2 levels of competition, Pro and Beginner. One of the participants is just 11 years old! We had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed the event. We look forward to hosting the next Global Fast Fit event near you!

Bali - Dec 2023

On December 17th the Global Fast Fit Bali Team hosted the first ever Global Fast Fit event. Times were fast! In fact, we ended up awarding 11 prizes for over 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah each, and multiple lesser prizes. We now know there are some young men in Bali in very good shape. Our next event in Bali will focus on women, and hopefully get older participants as well. Global Fast Fit is the universal benchmark to measure overall functional fitness for everyone around the world. ORGANIZING TEAM Adhi Apriana: Coordinator Nana Yolanda: Merchandise Sancita Resen: Master of Ceremony Stevi Raras: Time Keeper (on stopwatch) Nana Yolanda: Responsible for recruiting contestants Made Kariasa: Beverage services and running general errands Rizky Wijaya & Agus Sumantra: Photography & Videography Made Sumarjaya: T-shirt Painter



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