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Watcharaporn "Ple" Chamnankittisak

Global Fast Fit

Watcharaporn "Ple" Chamnankittisak isn't the person you'd immediately picture as the prototypical athlete. This 48 year old mother of two children works her day to day job as part of the accounting team in a large company. Her petite stature, playful demeanor, and welcoming countenance give off more of a kind and approachable vibe. Like the old adage goes, looks can absolutely be deceiving. Ple is as hardcore as they come when it comes to physical training. Her unyielding mindset and her inflexible discipline embody everything that Global Fast Fit stands for: a yearning for self-improvement and being a better person than you were yesterday.

You can find Ple at the fitness center, exercising there every morning before going to work. Her fitness regimen includes partaking in weight training, running, yoga, pilates, body pump, and body combat classes. Why does she feel it necessary to pack on such an exhausting load of physical training every morning? She does it in order to prepare for the even tougher activities that she wants to challenge.

Ple has run in the Phuket 10.5 Kilometer Marathon and has also taken on the Spartan Race, a marathon with obstacles meant to test speed along with endurance. Despite her fitness accolades, Ple is still concerned when hearing about the Global Fast Fit challenge. The 30x pushups tends to be a daunting task that can be very demanding on the upper body. Still, she assures herself and the Global Fast Fit crew that when the time comes, she won't be putting her knees to the floor, she wants that Global Fast Fit certification.

Despite Ple's misgivings, despite her concern of the upper body segment of the carefully designed Global Fast Fit routine, the ground team wasn't having any of it. We know winners when we see one, and it was clear from the very start that Ple was here to conquer. The most we could do was to set the stopwatch and get out of her way.

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