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Tipsarun "Pay" Choeimophakdee

Global Fast Fit

It was a bright and radiant day at the Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park, a setting that perfectly suited our favorite competitor, Tipsarun "Pay" Choeimophakdee. Pay is the kind of person you'd absolutely love to be around. Her boundless positivity is contagious, her quirky and charming nature will guarantee a smile on your face. This 28 year old fitness equipment consultant has been surrounded by fitness enthusiasts for much of her professional career. She has been involved in multiple gyms and fitness centers, as her positive energy has been a boon to anywhere she's worked.

Pay admittedly isn't the fittest individual. Just looking at the requirements of the Global Fast Fit challenge gives her much cause for concern. That's not to say that she doesn’t engage in any physical activity, the perks of working in fitness centers is easy access to exercise equipment. As a self-proclaimed fitness intermediate, Pay likes to do a bit of weight training and wall-climbing in her free time.

The requirements of the Global Fast Fit challenge can certainly be intimidating for the uninitiated. When Pay saw the need for 30x pushups, she immediately had self-doubt. Completing a set of 30x pushups with knees to the floor was already an incredibly difficult task (one she's never accomplished), but 30x while having to perform all other exercises in succession of each other would seem nigh impossible. As grueling as the challenge might seem, it was never going to stop Pay from trying.

Pay is the ultimate underdog, and someone you just can't help but to cheer for. Her positive mindset would never allow her to focus on not completing the Global Fast Fit challenge, but to do as best she can and then work on herself over time so that the next run would be even better. While Pay would have her knees to the floor on this run (which would mean the run is uncertified), she has already guaranteed that after three months of consistent training she'll be able to do full pushups in the plank position.

That is the mindset of our favorite competitor. We have had participants who have challenged Global Fast Fit while already having an extensive fitness background. What separates Pay from the rest is having the bravery to tackle an unnerving goal when all odds are against her. It's having the knowledge that the challenge will unlock her hidden potential and allow her to do things she never could've dreamed of. It's understanding that the first step in Global Fast Fit isn't the run itself, it's making yourself a better version of you.

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