22 M


I used to play football and other kids games for fun
I started training after in high school and have continued training even after joining the university as well
l am a karateka so my fitness is oftenly assessed by my trainer. it is at remarkable state
l faced challenges like time management and a proper work out routine but l corrected that by assessing my daily activities and acting appropriately
my family and friends have supported and psyched me up to continue with my fitness routine , and the environment is conducive too
yeah l have tried fitness apps and attending aerobics classes and l also attend karate classes
ln my fitness journey l have seen many positive changes in my body and improved health. And it has increased my confidence on daily activities
My role model in fitness is my sensei and some of my seniors in my karate club. l aspire to be like them with time
l am a determined person who likes completing any task in hand ,l always aspire to be the best in all that l do and always things successful. Success is my main aim in all tasks and activities l carry out