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In primary school i used to play alittle bit of volleyball and later in High school I joined Girl scouts.
Back in 2013 while in my high school education we would get involved in team sport we would do short races,and in 2023 26th December I participated in global fast fit where we raced but individually though later we did some team sports like rope skipping.
I don't really remember.
The challenges I faced were basically motivation support ...my teachers would motivate despite not getting enough support from family.
Well there was no one to tell you to keep fit be it friends or family..I remember we would go out with family and find ourselves taking junk alot thus the body increasing weight.
I downloaded an app called lose weight app for women,which has different workouts depending whether its full body workout,arms,abs normally I practice full-body workout.
Mostly you need motivation to keep going.in addition you need to have an aim or a goal before starting any workout.
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Am aiming high at achieving all the global fitness fit exercises..my biggest challenge being pushups.